Assessment Process

The WATDI process of application and assessment involves five stages, occurring over five months.

There's no-one available to help you with your application as it's developed, but you will get ample opportunities to talk about your application directly with the panel if it is short-listed.

The selection panel is made up of representatives from The Blue Room, PICA and ARTRAGE plus a fourth independent assessor during the later stages.

Assessment occurs independently and individually by panel members, then through collective panel discussions that consider, and will be informed by direct engagement with the artists during the stage based proposal and decision making process.

It's very important that you don't talk to The Blue Room, PICA or ARTRAGE about your application until invited, as you'll be compromising your chances if you do.

Ultimately your proposal will be assessed on the merit of your idea and your potential to take it further.

Who we will accept proposals from?

WATDI will fund the development of new theatre practice by WA independent artists, companies, collectives and collaborations looking to take creative risks and explore new territory through their development proposals.

As such, the initiative is open to all WA individuals and organisations, other than those funded through multi-year state or federal funding agreements.

These individuals and groups may be metropolitan or regionally based.

Proposals must provide relevant evidence of the practice of those involved, where they wish to take it, and how they intend to take it there.

All applicants should also meet the Australia Council general eligibility requirements.

What types of proposal will we consider?

WATDI seeks to offer support to the widest spectrum of theatre practice in WA.

What do we mean by 'theatre'? To put it simply, if you consider your practice and idea to be theatre, then we'll consider it.

Our definition of theatre aligns with that of the Australia Council Theatre Board, but what is more important is that your idea involves an exploration into new territory in relation to your practice, and the development of new theatre and performance of depth and substance that is relevant in a contemporary context.

WATDI Selection Criteria

Applications will be assessed against the following criteria aligned to the aims of the initiative. There is opportunity for you to address these criteria in more detail, the further you get into the WATDI Assessment process.

The first stage is about the core of your development idea, where you want to take it, and where you want it to take you.

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